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As the word describes itself "Attitude" ringtones includes some of badass ringtones. Attitude is the word which have 2 meanings in itself. Positive attitude is good thing but negative attitude sometimes lead you to a negative future. My video is just a collection of ringtones which are the ringtones which you can use if your character has that bad attitude. Attitude ringtones are very addictive, just listen to this ringtones once and you not stop yourself falling for this ringtones. If you want other types of ringtones as well then this channel is perfect place for all your ringtone related came and take some view on this attitude ringtones:

As you watched my video, I am assuming that you liked most of the ringtones from my video. If you really liked this then please share it with all the music loves you know. Downloading the ringtones are very easy from this given links:

**Intro Tone- Cool Boys Anthem : This ringtone is officially dedicated to all my male audience. This boys anthem have a very badass tones in it and it will really give you a chill and pop culture vibe. This ringtone is bass boosted and energetic ringtone.
Download Ringtone Now :

1. Astronaut in the ocean  (Karaka Mix) : Masked off is the artist of this song and this is very well known song. Tyron Hapi is the producer of this song. It was uploaded on youtube in the year 2019 and was recorded in 2018.

This Karaca Mix is really a great mix. IT will provide you the hella attitude vibe and ringtone. you will love this ringtone.
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2. Tokyo Drift x Temperature : Temperature is the song by sean paul. Sean Paul is Jamaican Record artist. He is popular for his meaningful and energetic lyrics. Some of his songs got really viral and whenever he uploads any song it will makes it's place in trending page.

Tokyo drift is a very well known song of the era and mixing this two songs and made it into a single ringtone is really made you crazy.
Download Ringtone Now :

3.Rocky Bhai DJ SID Jhansi : Rocky Bhai is a tone which can make you groove on it very quickly. Rocky Bhai is a tone which people loves to apply on their entry like a real life hero. You can download this ringtone from my official download link.

Rocky Bhai is entry theme song from blockbuster kannada movie "KGF" this ringtone is loved by many and you will loved this tone.
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4.Enough Echo Marlo : It is a one of the piece of the trance music. Maarlo Hoogstran the very unique and weird singer sung this song. This song was uploaded on 2018 and got more than million views and likes.

we love this ringtone and it is really a intresting ringtone. Put it as your ringtone and enjoy it with your friends and family.
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5. Systematic BGM : BGM is the tone which give you the vibe of chilling. Music has no launguage barrier. People love to hear different types of music to satistfy their musical needs. This BGM is really a addictive and has a catchy tone.

If you want to download this ringtone then here is the official link for the ringtone so you can download this ringtone and enjoy.

Download Ringtone Now :

** Bonus Tone : U Do TRFN : This song was released in 2018 and it was viral song of the year 2018. It recieved many awards and achievments. The artist of this song is TRFN. This song feature siadou. The background tone is very best.

The lyrics of this song is very meanigful whenever you heard this song you can feel the lyrics of this song and enjoy this.

Download Ringtone Now :
**Personal Favorite : Kaala Ghoda ( Divine rap) : Divine is the artist who made his name after the struggle of many years and now he is the one of the famous pop artist of India. The rap of the divine content a energetic notes and a powerful voice.

This song is the gem of the divine's career and people loved this song very much . If you are real fan of divine then you can download this from here.
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**All Ringtones In A Zip File : If you loved all the ringtones from this article and wants to download it then just click on the given button and download it easily. This zip file contains all of the above attitude ringtones.

I really hope that you loved this ringtones. If you want to download any other type of ringtone then you can check the other articles as well. You will love all my article. Please Like and share my content with everyone. Hope you have a great day ahead:)


  1. I love these songs. For the first time I can download ringtones for my phone iphone chakumero.

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