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Hello, Welcome Back to my new blog..Today I came with the collection of all famous ringtones which you already heard on various social media apps like Tiktok, Instagram reels and many more. If you are wondering where I found this tones so simply I collect all of them from Youtube and with some creativity and  alot of editing I made the best collection of those ringtones in a single blog. This all tones are very popular and loved by audience so you will love to set it as your phone ringtone.This famous ringtones are all trending and famous.You just have to go through this article to see all of the ringtones and you can download them very easily from here.

Already watched this intresting video, so here I provide easy to download links for each of the Download the tone which you loved immediately. And Don't forget to Like and share my content with your loved once.

Intro tone : Jalebi baby- Jalebi baby is the one of the most listened Indian songs it was released in 2020 and now this song has more than 60 million views on Youtube, this is song by Teshar and its new version is also released in 2021
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This tone is very addictive..once you listened to this tone you will never forget this words. It is one of the famous Indian song.

1. GTA - San Andreas  (Remastered) : Grand Theft Auto also known as "GTA" is one of the most loved game of all generations. San Andreas is a very good musician and He mad this tune very unique and energetic.

This remastered tone is all better than a song. If you are gaming gig and love to put this tone as your ringtone then download this now.
Download ringtone Now :
2. Charlie B- You're Perfect : Charlie Black is one of the talented singer who made some of the amazing songs. If you watched Instagram reels for entertainment the I am sure you already heard this song. This song is now trending in all over the world.

The original song is released 4 years ago but in 2021 it's lyric version was released and this forgotten gem of music again came in the limelight. So Download and enjoy this lyrically best song, which has beautiful as well as meaningful lyrics.
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3. Sean K:Ennie- Mennie : As you guys are already know this is one of the best song of Justin Bieber and Sean K. This song has more than a billion views on Youtube. It was released in 2010 and then become it's place in billboard.

This song is very soulful to hear. Seal K's Voice is very mesmerizing to hear. You already loved this song so you will love this ringtone also.
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4. L- Gante RKT : This song is Official DJ song you will enjoy the vibing on this song and want to hear it again and again because this song is very addictive. This song is collaboration of the singers L-Gante and Papu DJ.

This song become very famous among the teenagers. It is uploaded on L- gante Official youtube channel. This song is great example of music is connected via hearts. Download this tone and enjoy this Pop Ringtone.
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5. Pateezy- Beat It :  This song is Officially available on the Youtube channel of TikTok named as "TikTok Music" This song got popularity because of Tiktok. Many creators made their videoes on this intresting song and made their video viral.

 If you are music lover then you have to listen this tone once in a life and you will find the lyrics very intresting. This song has unique type of aura in it.
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**Bonus Tone : Often Kygo Remix : With having over 9 million views on youtube this song was released in 2016 and after 5 years of this. it is still one of the best song to hear when you are bored or want to live alone.

Download this ringtone from our link and set it as your ringtone so whenever anyone hear your ringtone he will get shocked and suprised.
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**Personal favourite : Money Heist ( Instrumental) : Netflix has recently came up with the brand new teaser of the famous webseries "Money Heist" and again it's music is breaking the grounds and we all are felling in love with tones and characters again.

Money Heist 5 has very awesome and energetic tones in it. So this is the instrumental version of the Money Heist Season 5 Song.
Download Ringtones Now :
**All Ringtones In .Zip File : If you don't want to download this tones one by one you can easily download this Zip File to enjoy all ringtones in once. This File contain all of the 8 ringtones from this article and video. So Download for each and every ringtone from this blog.
I assumed that you really loved this blog and liked my video. Thank you Very much for all this love and support. keep this forever and for more such ringtones follow my blog and as well as subscribe to my Youtube Channel "Ringtones Guru" have a nice day ahead :)


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