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 To make someone happy is the biggest task in the world and you all know that so from these ringtones I also tried to make you all happy. These ringtones are so funny that you can't control yourself but laugh. If you are a crazy person who finds a little happiness in another's happiness then this is your chance to do it with just a single click. Just read this article pick which one is your favorite and download it easily. This ringtone will make you laugh and you actually think that is why you don't know this ringtone earlier. Hope you will enjoy this tone.

I assume that you already watched my video on youtube and loved it to the core then please like this content and let me know that this type of content is entertaining or not. You can download free music ringtone in a single click. 

**Intro Tone: Just imagine why I put this tone as my intro tone because this tone is the funniest tone of this video. I just liked it so much that I made it into a ringtone and presented it to you guys. I hope as much as I love this ringtone you will do the same.

1. Ta Ra Ra: This ringtone is really funny. Just imagine you have this ringtone as your phone's ringtone and you are in the metro or bus and everyone is busy in their own work and suddenly your phone starts ringing and everyone starts to laugh.

This ringtone is powerful and has a loud sound in it. If you are a prankster like me then this ringtone is the perfect choice for your phone as well as for your character.

2. Aaloo Le Lo: This is the famous dialogue from the movie "Welcome" which was famous for its best to cast and songs as well. This ringtone is not any song or something this is the dialogue by the great actor Nana Patekar.

This is the remix version of this dialogue and whenever you listen to this song you will remember the funny scene and background music as well.

3.Minions Beatbox : Beatboxing is the important component from the music because without having it songs will not get that popularity. This is section which can entertain you by just making some types of sounds from their mouth and it's really interesting.

Minions are the favorite we all love this cute little yellow characters and enjoying their music in beatboxing is the different level of satisfaction.
4.Lu Lu Lu : This is the ringtone for all those who love to experiment with their ringtones. This will be great experiment because this ringtone is hilarious and really a funny one. I never know ringtones will be this funny until I found this one.

This was my ringtone when I am searching for this topic and whenever my phone rings everyone started to look me like I am the weirdest person.
5.Chicken Mix : This ringtone is like having the chicken song on your phone for all the time. I listen to this song and decided that I have to put it in my funny ringtones list because I never heard any song for the Chicken. you can download this free ringtones now.

These lyrics are completely insane and hard to forget and when you are doing any important this song will distract you for sure.
**Bonus tone : Funny BGM : This is the ringtone which is really weird. When I put it as my ringtone my mother used to laugh before notifying me that my phone was rang. This ringtone is really a crazy and insane ringtone.

If you love funny ringtones then I recommend you that download this ringtone and enjoy it with your friends and family.
**Personal favorite : Babu Rao : If you are like me who love to consume memes then you already know the famous character of the memes. It's the character of Paresh Rawal which is played in the movie franchise "Hera Pheri"

This is the dialogue which we all love just not because it is written in a funny way we love it because of the accent of paresh rawal when he is saying this dialogue.
**All Ringtones In A Zip File : If you love all this funny ringtones then I know you are searching for the way that how can you download all this ringtones in a single click so this zip file is the solution for that problem.

I hope you love this ringtones and enjoyed it as well. I always wanted to make you a smile with my content and if I am succeed in that just let me know by commenting and this will encourage me to come up with this types of topic in future as well. Hope you have a great day ahead:)

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